TIG welders best offers in Ireland

Oxford Single Phase Compact Migmaker 180-1 MIG Welder
Comes Complete With 3M Genuine Binzel Torch and Regulator

With Oxford mig welders you get – as standard!

A British made mig welder
A name of quality and history
2 year warranty
5 year main transformer warranty – The heart of the machine
20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage – 230V Single Phase
Amperage range – 20A – 180A
Duty cycle – 35% @ 110A / 60% @ 85A
Voltage Steps – 6
Mig wire range – 0.6MM – 0.8MM
Fuse rating slow blow – 13A
Size – 350MM X 720MM X 570MM
Weight approx – 48KG

Oxford Cap+ technology ensures a very smooth stable arc, with the best arc starting.

Miller Migmatic 175 MIG Welder

Robust motor & drive assembly with wire speeds ranging from 1.8-18m/ min
Thermal overload protection – Shuts down the power source output, if overheating of either the main transformer or rectifier occurs.
Running gear & bottle rack – The built-in undercarriage and bottle carrier allows the operator easy manoeuvrability of the power source and ancillaries.
Traditional tapped design & Laminated Inductor – Provides a stable, smooth Arc operators appreciate.
15Kg spool capacity & professional style reel holder – Permits the use of larger more economical reels of MIG wire without the need for additional spool adapters.
Fan cooled – Provides a constant flow of cooling air over the critical components, ensuring consistent performance.


Input Power – 230V 1 Phase
Rated output – 150A
Duty Cycle – 35% @ 150A
Wire diameter – 0.6MM – 0.8MM
Max open circuit voltage – 34 VDC
Dimensions – H: 500 mm W: 395 mm D: 685 mm
Weight – 33KG

Includes Genuine Binzel Torch & Regulator